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24nd Job Fair UWB Pilsen

Stavovská unie studentů by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, student organisation IAESTE UWB Pilsen and the University of West Bohemia arrange the 27nd year of the Career Fair UWB Pilsen.

The Fair is going to take place in the centre of student and university life - the University campus of UWB in Pilsen, Borská pole. The exhibitors will be located in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FST), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL), University Library and in the building of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV).

You have a unique opportunity to personally address students and promote your company straight on the ground of the University. You will meet with highly motivated and prepared students who can become a valuable contribution for your company. The visit rate of the Fair is over 4.000 students and graduates every year.

The fair is massively advertised on the academical ground, in the city, internet and other media.

Why to participate

Why should you participate?

  • it is the largest Job Fair in West Bohemia
  • aimed at university students
  • it is possible to choose the location of your booth (odkaz na rezervaci)
  • possibility of a presentation for students during the fair
  • unique chance to adress dozens of students and absolvents from huge spectrum of branches
  • in average, every company gets one to three new colleagues
  • organizers are pleased to help you with the question how to captivate students
  • even if you do not need new people, you can advertise your brand



Offers standard or your own booth. The size of it is 3 x 1.5 m and is equipted with furniture and electricity. Parking and catering is provided. It includes a structured page in Career Fair Guide and the possibility of inserting your materials into bags for visitors. It is possible to order creative page in the Guide too.

Booth booking

Every company can choose a placement for their booth. This is done in online booking system two weeks before the fair.

Choose your place

Detailed instruction how to book a booth are sent to companies about three week before the fair.


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